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Consistent, steady, experienced leadership


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A member of the founding City Council in Sandy Springs, Rusty is dedicated to building a strong city.


These past months are among the most challenging we have ever faced.   While we are finally conquering the pandemic, its consequences will linger for some time.  Will people keep working from home or return to their offices?   Will traffic congestion stay light, or will we return clogged roads as "normal" life returns? What are the long-term ramifications?   


We need an experienced leader to navigate through the lingering aftereffects of the pandemic.

Sandy Springs is one of the few major cities that does not control its own water supply.   And yet, we pay three times what residents of nearby cities pay and 25 percent more than City of Atlanta residents, who are served by the same provider.  Atlanta has not invested in the Sandy Springs portion of the system and it is deteriorating to the point that we could face a catastrophic failure.

Rusty Paul started the battle to get control of our water system.   We are at a critical point in that fight. We have won several preliminary court fights. We need consistent, strong leadership to be there to finish this job. 


Further, the City will feel the financial repercussions of the pandemic for months – maybe years – since it will take that long for our revenues to recover.  

Sandy Springs needs consistent, steady, experienced leadership to see us through these and other challenges.  For these, and other reasons, Rusty Paul is seeking re-election as Mayor of the City of Sandy Springs. 

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